Proof of Stake (PoS) Coins list

PoS crypto currencies and staking pools of 2019. You will find the current price, market capitalisation, price change (24h), Masternode service, staking pool and exchange for each POS coin.
Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency which brought changes to the world of finance. With the current growth of the cryptocurrency world, it is prevalent to see Proof of Stake (POS) coins which do not require energy consumption like the bitcoins to verify its transaction. On top of this merit, a lot of profit could also be made by staking the POS coins.

Shared Masternode interesting investment potential

Shared Masternode opens interesting investment potential, but brings up the question.
How secure are shared masternode providers?

There are grounds for asking this question. However investments are linked to suitable research and decisions with proven success stories. We already have masternodes or stake coins with some of these providers.

If you are giving away your coins, you have to trust the security and provider of the site.
Please always keep in mind a total loss for example: Hacking.
Use different Masternode services and staking pools as well as coins so a total loss is much lower.

Masternode a POS Coin or Not?

What Is A Masternode (MN)? A masternode refers to a server which is in a decentralized network. Its primary use is in completing unique functions, such as its direct or instant or private transactions in ways an ordinary node cannot compare to it. Because of these increases in its capabilities, the MN is a node […]

PoS Coins List
You will find the current price, market capitalisation, price change (24h), Masternode service, staking pool and exchange for each POS coin.

How to stake coins in simple pos pool

Masternode and staking services
tutorial videos for
Simple Pos Pool

Masternode and Proof of Stake (PoS) Coins

Below you will find articles about coins with staking pools and other useful links.
Altbet (ABET)

Mutual betting is widely used in gambling and is applied to horse racing, greyhound racing and sports betting. Altbet is the first gaming platform to combine this model with blockchain technology.

Feston (FTONT1)

An alternative to the physical tokens needed at festivals, parties, or other events that use tokens, Feston is a token that can be used at any time. During festivals, people have to queue in long lines to buy tokens in the form of paper tickets or plastic coins.

GINcoin (GIN)

GINcoin was created to act as a masternode-facilitating coin. Meanwhile, it has evolutioned into the one that enables the distribution of workloads, apps or jobs over a global computer network with a common protocol.

Experience Points (XP)

XP is a combined, incentive-based, globally accepted digital currency. It is built on a blockchain that is designed to compensate players and the broad spectrum of gaming communities, as well as directly Benefit those who make a positive contribution to society.

LogisCoin (LGS)

Blockchain technology allows LogisCoin customers and users to track all ordered goods before delivery. Logis Coin will help companies in the supply chain identify fraud attempts easier....

GenesisX (XGS)

Masternode/PoS cryptocurrency that focuses on Security, Privacy, Transparency & Governance. Primary focus is to increase security in order to reduce hacking and scamming across the blockchain industry.


Stake your coins

During the time you hold your pos coins on the exchange, you can receive rewards for them.

Register now to receive 0% trading fees for the first 3 months after live trading launches.

Why Proof of Stake (PoS) Coins?

For us, Proof of Stake is a great further development of Proof of Work and has many possibilities of its own. This technology will continue to be developed successfully for many years to come. Further concepts that are being worked on Proof of Burn, Proof of Importance and yes, still Proof of Work. They can all potentially complement each other.

How does Staking work?

The Proof-of-Stake currencies aren’t generating new blocks based on computing power (Proof-of-Work). Instead, a form of random selection is used to determine the creator of the next block, who also receives the coin reward for the generation.

There are a number of additional variables such as wealth and age that are taken into account in this selection: The stake! To qualify for an stake, the user needs to run his PC/server with the open wallet.

The proof-of-stake exchange

Stakebase is the first cryptocurrency exchange allowing users to automatically earn proof-of-stake and masternode rewards on their deposited coins, without any technical knowledge required.

Early Sign-up Discount 25% reduced fees

Staking Pools and How They Work

Have you ever thought of staking coins in a pool to make a profit or gains? Staking pools are focused on making the most out of the staking process. Its workings are similar to mining pools which are available for POW coins. Generally, the bigger a staking pool is the more chances the pool will be picked, and a block verified.

Due to the way staking works, it can be very time-consuming for individual users to generate stakes. The share of the coin without massive investments is too small to generate reliable stakes, so that there are only few rewards, while the operating costs (e.g. electricity) accumulate daily.

A Stake Pool aims to solve this problem by bundling the resources of its users. While a user has a small chance of generating a stake, a group can certainly invest a much larger amount. This allows the pool to regularly generate stakes and distribute the rewards among its members.

Top 3 Staking pools advantages are:

  1. Shorter reward time
  2. Earn higher rewards
  3. No power costs

The payout to the user is more reliable and predictable, while the pool owner takes care of all updates, costs and security requirements. Additional rewards can be generated by forming masternodes that can be generated for each coin when a certain threshold is reached, further increasing the chance of staking and the coins received.

Why Stake Coins in a Staking Pool?

Staking is one of the easiest ways in which one can earn interest or profit from your coins. You only need to deposit the coins into your wallet and allow it to sit there as it receives money.

Staking has become a popular alternative among people who do not want to involve themselves in trading and mining of coins with expensive software and hardware with the complexities involved in it. There are no much issues involved in staking of the coins. Just a specific coin wallet which would be used to house the coin on the typical computer which is run online. A computer can be used to run several wallets at a time.

By using the staking pool, you also have the advantage of avoiding the use of high computational power and electricity used during mining and lack of its centralization means that there is a lesser chance of the network being maliciously attacked.

Most POS blockchains would allow you to stake the coins on your own which would not give you the opportunity to make more profit out of your stake. Your stake must also be connected to the network round the clock. A brief misconnection can disrupt your earning potential thereby sending you to the back of the line. Joining a pool can come with significant advantages such as; Steadier and more predictable earnings.

Staking Pool depends entirely on the requirements of the individual in the pool. If you have a large number of coins such as the POS coins sitting in your wallet, then it might not be a good idea to participate in a pool. On the other, if you have a low number of coins, then staking the coins would be your best bet for making more profit. It is important to note that staking pools need a specific coin which is POS coin.
The data on the website is for reference purposes only, not necessarily accurate; is only responsible for displaying the data. It does not make any investment proposals. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.
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